For Individuals, Couples, Children, and Families - With Lillie McCatty, LMHC
Lillie McCatty is in network with:

Lillie McCatty and Barbara Drescher are both in network with:

We are NOT in network with the Kaiser Core Plan. You will know if your plan is the core plan because it will say CORE on the front of your card as shown here:

Those with core plans can call and request a single case agreement with Bridges and Boundaries.

Tina Washington is not currently in-network with any insurance plans. 

Clients whose therapist is not in network with their insurance plan pay out of pocket at the time of the session and are provided with a superbill that can be used to attempt reimbursement. Call to inquire about our insurance rate matching with Regence, Kaiser, First Choice, Premera, and Tricare. You can also inquire about our sliding fee range.

Current clients can view and pay their balance at
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