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Clients Served

Children and Teens:

If you are struggling with your child or teenager's challenging behavioral issues then call me for a free initial consultation.

Perhaps your child has recently experienced a transition such as a move or parental separation. Or maybe your child is easily distracted, has trouble following directions, or is experiencing frequent tantrums or other defiant behaviors. Maybe your child is suffering from a medical illness or is facing a potentially scary medical procedure. If so please call!

The teenage years can often be a source of concern for parents. Whether your teenager needs help navigating the confusing waters of normal adolescence or is having more concerning behaviors consider calling to start counseling early.

As a parent you may find an increased need for guidance, support, and skills yourself. If you are parenting a child with special needs such as behavioral disturbance or mental health issues parenting support becomes especially important. I look forward to discussing your family's unique needs.

We can work on these issues individually, with the whole family, or through participation in a therapeutic group of peers.


If you are struggling with low motivation, feelings of isolation, low self esteem, focus or follow through, and find yourself with excessive worry or guilt then please give us a call.

We help adults of every stage assess and treat mental illness concerns such as depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, bipolar illness, obsessive compulsive disorder, and adult attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. We can provide a comprehensive treatment plan and work with your prescribing physician as needed to compliment your progress toward wellness.

We are also here to help you through difficult stressors. We help with stage of life changes such as empty nest, midlife, new parenthood, and so on. We also help with life stressors such as moving, separation, change in employment or financial status, or grief and loss. We especially love to provide support for those who are trying to make changes in their lives including career changes, returning to school, leaving abuse, or navigating relationship or generational changes.

We most often work with these issues individually but do, occasionally, see couples.

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